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What are Headshots and why are they so important?

Headshot is a specific type of Portrait that is meant to realistically demonstrate a person’s appearance.

A Headshot, whether you put it on your resume, social network, business network, business card or other place, is creating your first impression about you. Your first impression is going to stick and will be hard to change as your image will come in their minds when remembering about you and your provided services.

Cinematic Headshots

If you think that white solid background headshots are not for you or your company and you want something more personalized then the perfect choice would be Cinematic Headshots.

The benefits of Cinematic Headshots are that they can set a mood and put you in the area where you are located. Good for business owners, entrepreneurs and anyone with a Social networks account wanting more color in their Headshot picture.

The benfits of a solid color background is that it looks more professional as it is clean, concise and there is nothing that could pull back anything from the main subject in the picture – You!

Solid Background Headshots

If you think that Cinematic Headshots are the way to go for you or your company then contact me to book your amazing Cinematic Headshots photo session

Headshots of the World map

Zoom in to see more pictures for the region of your interest

6 Steps for creating your perfect Headshot

1. Finding a great Headshot photographer

Fortunatley you have found this website so the first step has already been covered

2. Preparing for the photoshoot

Deciding on different outfits is important as those will set the mood of your look for the picture in the end

3. The right equipment and skill

Here comes my part with my specialization in Headshot photography and the right equipment to deliver excellent picture quality

4. Communication during the photo session

It will be my duty to make you feel welcomed and at ease during the whole photoshoot while guiding you to look like the best version of yourself

5. Selecting the right pictures

While we will go through the different looks if you choose to do so, we will also go through the different poses and directions I will put you into

6. Retouching of the best pictures

This is just Magic that will be applied to make your pictures stand out



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I am a Headshot photographer based in Latvia. Although I am based in a small eastern European country I really enjoy traveling world wide with my photography, capturing moments and mesmerizing portraits that would last forever.

I love taking photos of people and it feels very fulfilling to me to deliver excellent pictures to my clients that they really enjoy. My favorite thing in Headshot photography is to change people thoughts of themselves, especially when they mention such words as “I am not photogenic”, “I usually look bad in pictures” and “Good luck in trying to get something good out of me”. It is not that you are not photogenic, you just have yet to meet a photographer that will bring out all the best in you through pictures. I really like doing that.

I believe that communication is key in photography, that is why throughout our meeting till farewell, you will receive positive guidance and we will work together so that you feel at ease the whole time. My job will be to direct you through the whole session. What poses to take, what emotions to give, work with facial expressions, body movements and all that will come naturally. These subtle things are the ones that make the real you in the pictures stand out and look great.

In the end you will get the best pictures of yourself you have ever seen while still looking like you. I just can’t wait to show you how good you can look in those.

By this point you already know what I am offering, how much it costs and what benefits a professional Headshot would bring to you. So the only thing that is left for you is to step up and contact me about the date and time to book your Headshot photo session!

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