Difference between Cinematic and Background Headshot

Kaspars Veidemanis Interesting Leave a Comment

The benefits of Cinematic Headshots are that they can set a mood and put you in the area where you are located. Good for business owners, entrepreneurs and anyone with a Social networks account wanting more color in their Headshot picture.


For many this will seem a more appropriate option as these pictures don’t look so static and maybe even cold, but there is a big drawback to Cinematic Headshots. When you have taken a Cinematic Headshot, you have also chosen a tone, atmosphere for the entire scene which will change only if you retake the picture once more. And the specific scene will not fit all occasions unfortunately as a professional business background (like a bookshelf, window, long hall or similar) will not be usable when creating, for example, your own family business. Here you might want more warmth in your pictures which might be given by a small shop background or outside nature and animals. The same goes for if you have taken a warm and welcoming shot – it will not really be usable in the colder Corporate environment where prestige and sleek outfits would matter more.

The benefits of a solid color background is that it looks more professional as it is clean, concise and there is nothing that could pull anything back from the main subject in the picture – You!



It is a universal type of image that is usable in almost every situation. But as many have said – what works for everything, doesn’t really work for anything. In many cases a specific scenery would be more preferable so that it is easier for your clients to understand your business and offered services. But in most cases this will be the best option as it is reusable till you decide to change your own image completely.